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Nifty & Bank Nifty Moved On Our Expectation First, Bank nifty 16000 Put from 135 To 185, Nifty 7600 Put from 105 To 135 ,Enjoyed or Not , JAI HO!!!!



Yesteraday Morning & Today Morning tooo We Boldly Updated That will Panic

Panic Beow 7830 Yes Kissed Lower Target_7727 & TAKEN U TURN

We Given Sell Nifty Call @ 7835 With SL 7927  Our TARGET Were 7747_7727

Yes First crashed & Kissed 7760  & TAKEN U TURN & HIT SL

Same thing Happpen In Bank nifty from 17300 To 17060  & Thereafter TAKEN SL-17500

Updated At 4:46 Pm 29/Sep /Delhi/India

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  • ankit

    2week me maine pura paisa chala gya ap lagta he frod hi karte ho

    • Pankaj

      tell me Your mobile number once if you are our subscriber , 101% u are not our subscriber

    • I already Told You u are not our Subscriber, We given profit in last 2 Weeks,, What Happen….My Book is open On My Blog,,, There is no need to explain Here, Everyone Knows that, 101% u are not our Subscriber..Mentioned Your Number First

  • Manish

    Khata hai nifty moved as per the expection. jaisa ki nifty iski rakhael hai sala. iske isaroo pai nache gi. morning main kaha taha ki 2 days ka panic hai from thursday or monday tak rahe ga.. Sab ka paisa loot liya (sabse bada corporate fraud)

    • Pankaj

      Dear Sir,

      Whats Wrong With You , I Clearly mentioned That, Bottom Already Made , & Maximum two More Daya Panic..
      Be Ready for Buying.. Today Unexpected Moved… , Hey 101% u are not my Subscribe Becuase if u are our subscriber then u Know very Well,
      What we Written on Our Password protected Area on MONDAY

    • Whats Your Problem Sir, What you Want, We boldly Written
      Maximum Nifty will Go Down Next 2 days more, Already Our Lower TGT hit & Taken U tuen hat Happen Why u are crying

      101% u are not our Subscriber.. becuase our subscriber Mint Great Money

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