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Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 21-May, Laxman Rekha @ 15535 Catch HINDALCO @ Opening Bell. I Love TATASTEEL,  C for Canara bank, & C for Century Textile

Our Laxman Rekha @ 15535,
Suppose Not Cross 15535, & Break 15100, We Seee Panic Upto
14950_______14910 Thereafter More Panic,

In Panic Our Mantra , Only Buy & Relax,

Yes, Fresh Round Of Teji Only Once Cross 15535, & Stay  Then Only We Seee Blasssssssssssssssssst upto_15900__16200

Last Closed @ 156, 

Yes , have You Seeeen On Bullish Pattern On Daily Chart, 
Just Find It,

Above 152, Just Relax, Will Zoooooooom To Kisss_ 161________166

Last Closed @ 410, 

Yes, Above 402, Just Relax, WIll Not Panic @ Lower Level, 

Once Cross 414, Will Seeee Zooooom upto_______427_____435
Yes, Thereafter More Fire Work 

Laxman Rekha @ 476, Yes, On CARD, One More Big Move, 
Mark My Words,

Once Cross 476, We Seee Non-Stop Rally Upto________508_______532

3 Consecutive Closng Above 476, Will Take to  532+

Intraday Support @ 553_________548,  Yes, 
Once Break & Not Cross 560

553, Then we Can Seee Slide Upto__________527_____521

Fresh Around Of TEJI Only Above 476, , Suppose Not Cross 476
Then?????????? Slide Upto ??????

But Will Not PAnic @ Lower Level 

Will Update you Via Sms!!!

Updated At 08:45 Am 21/May/Delhi/India

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