Nifty Future Direction for 28 April, Yes Today is expiry, In next Contract keep Eyes On 8036, Once Cross then We will seee Blasssst, jai ho!!


Yes Keep Eyes On 8036, In May Contract, and Yes, Once Cross Then Only Think for
Teji vala Move,

8036 Will Act As Laxman Rekha,    Will Zooom to kisss 8176

Our Support Exist @ 7970 

Today is expiry  If  Trade below 8005,(May Contract) Will See Panic upto__7970___7947
Yes Now Doubt Your Stoploss Will be, 8036

Take Risk of 20-30 Pts & Take a Chance

Note: Will Update More Around 1:30 To 2 Pm

Updated At 8:50 Am 28/April/Delhi/India

Bank Nifty Future Direction For 27 April, Above 17030,Rally Will Continue, For Quick gain , Grap jublefood @ opening Bell, & Yes I love Lupin & Wockhard, very Big Move On card, I hate Tcs. On Rise Only Sell Tcs, Sharp Downfall on card, jai ho!!


Bank Nifty Last closed
Yes In Panic Only Buy,  With With Stoploss of 16758,  Above 17030 Will Seeeeee More Rally Upto___17256______17380


Jublefood,Last closed @ 1319
Yes Catch @ opening Bell , Above 1305,
Will Zoooooooooooom To kiss 1345______1360 in Today’s Session

lupin- bull

Lupin Last Closed @ `1579,
Yes Grap @ Opening Bell Above 1570, Looking So Hot.. Dooor Will be
Open 1628_____1640 Level


Wockhard Last Closed @ 1036
Catch me if you Can Above 1027 Will Seeeeeeeeeeeee Big Blasssssssst Upto_____1105 __1117

Lower Support @ 1005____990, Yes Any Decline Or Panic Session
Only Buy

tcs-sellTcs last closed @ 2490,
Yes, Sell,Sell Sell Sell On Rise Only Sell, & Relax Till 2 PM If u will seee 2510 ___2525 Level,
In today’s Trading Session
Blindly Short…. & Relax.., Will Seee Sharp.. Panic

Updated At 8:50 Am 27/April/Delhi/India

Nifty Future Direction for 27 April, Yes, keep Stoploss of 7927, Go Long, Can We Seeeeee 8130 Level Today Or tomorrow???


Last closed @ 7979
Now, 7947 _________,7927 Will Act As Support

Yes 8005 Will As Minor Hurdle, Yes 3 consecutive Closing  Above 7947
Will Zooom to Kiss 8136___8170 Level,

Yes Between 8136 ________8170  Be Caution @ Higher Level,

yes My Mantra Any Decline  Or Any Panic before  Our ULTIMATE TARGET,
Or not, Power Of chart!!!

Updated At 6:50 Am 27/April/Delhi/India

Gold Mind blowing Rally in just 90 minutes from lower Level,29030 To 29230, Enjoyed or not????


Today Evening We Boldly Updated About Gold,   yes We Clearly Mentioned
To Our Subscriber
take 25-30 Pts Risk, & Buy  Gold,  Our Target Were 29180_29230

Click here    Password- GOLD800


Updated At 7:19 pm 26/April/Delhi/India

Gold_Mcx: Yes crucial Support Exist @ 28980, Once Break then only think. for Selling Otherwise no selling JAI HO!!

As Expected Gold Melted Below 29360,   Now Day Before Yesterday
& On Friday Trading Session Made low 28986

Now Once Again Trading @ 29030

es Now Gold Trading @ 29030,  Yes Crucial Support Exist @ 28980
Yes Lion Hear trader Can Take Risk of 20-30 Pts for buy Side..
& Buy With Strict Stoploss
Yes Something we Updated..Very Important In Password protected Post

This content is password protected.please enter your password below:

Updated At 5:43 pm 26/April/Delhi/India

Bank Nifty Future Direction For 26 April, Above 16778, FIREWORK Will Continue, Yes Grap Bharat_forge and Lic housing @ Opening Bell, & Relax, Aurobindo Looking Tired, Below , 754, jai ho!!

Yes Mark My Word, Rally Still Remain, Any Decline Or Panic Session
Buy Bank nifty & Relax,
Above 16778 Will Seeee BIG RALY

Our Ultimate Target Will Be 17356 Yes No Doubt……



AUROBINDO, Last Closed @764
Yes Something Cooking Very Bad Looking Tired @ higher Level

Support @ 754, yes Once Break Then Who will save
Lower Target Will be 726__-713 Level !!


Bharat_Forge Last Closed @ 794
Yes Grap @ opening Bell, yes Any Decline Or Panic Session
Today Only Buy This Counter & Hold Till 2:45 Pm


Lic Housing. Last Closed 456.80
Yes before 9:20, Just Grap It…. & Hold for 2 Days, if you Can Big U Turn On
Card Upto____465__472

Updated At 8:42 Am 26/April/Delhi/India

Nifty Future Direction for 26 April, yesterday ‘s low is very Crucial 7830, Watch Carefully, Upside, 7927_7947, Is our laxman Rekha Zone, now what to Expect????


As Expected Yesterday Nifty Melted Like Ice Cream Slowly Slowly,
From 7905 To 7831,

Do You  , Below 7927, Our Target Were 7870______7830

Yes If Break 7830 , & Stay below This Level, Will Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , Intraday panic
Upto____7776_______7747 Level,

nifty- 266- april
Yes, Our Laxman Rekha Zone 7927________-7947 level,, Yes
once Cross 7927, Will Seeeee More Buying,

Positional trader Just have Eyes On FII INDEX Position ,

Updated At 8:35 Am 26/April/Delhi/India

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